Free Soccer Training Drills: Tips On Creating Space

Published: 02nd July 2010
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You would be surprised if I tell you that creating and using space is one of the most essential free soccer training drills sessions you may have with your players. Your team will be highly admired by the other coaches if it manages to score goals while defending.

This article talks about two football drills that makes the players learn how to create space in the mid-field.

When you want your players to make use of space in midfield, what works best is to play the ball out from the back, rather than depending on your goalkeeper kicking it into midfield packed with players.

If you play from the back, you get a chance to move the opposition attacker out of their position. Now the space in the midfield is available for your players.

For the purpose of carrying out this drill, arrange a typical 7-a-side set up for teams in Under-7 to Under-10 teams. Teach that each of the 3 defenders must have touched the ball before it is moved to the attacking half. The goal keeper moves the ball to the first defender who gives it to player number 2 and finally to the third player.

Player 4 is available to take the pass, return the ball, and move into the penalty area. Player 4 can play with player 6 to hit the goal. A number of options are available for the player having the ball which is to pass, to play a through ball, or take the opportunity of joining with the attacker to create a goal.

Only courage can make you pass the defense. So tell your players it okay if they make mistakes while performing these soccer drills.

During this drill, the players should be taught to make space before receiving a pass.

In this drill the important feature to be practiced is moving away so as to attract the defender there. They must come back again fast to utilize the area emptied making the defenders follow them. Communicating verbally, making eye contact, and movement along the field are the fundamental characteristics of such free soccer training drills.

An area of 20 yards by 20 yards is required to be prepared. Have your team split into groups of three allotting each player his role as a server, an attacker and a defender.

The forward sets himself facing the server on the boundary of the ground. The attacker gets himself to create space before having a pass from the server.

When the drill concludes the striker has the hold of the ball. By exchanging roles in soccer drill, all of them can get a chance to practice forward. These coaching drills assist player in pressure handling, letting them make the best decision with the ball, and chance to apply them.

The soccer drill practices include the attacker touching the ball a couple of times before letting it go back, and also to a different server. In this drill you should rotate the players on a regular basis.

Now get out there and start incorporating these free soccer training drills into your practice sessions. You'll be amazed to see your kids performance. You can subscribe to our youth soccer coaching community and improve your skills through effective and practical knowledge to excel in your coaching career.

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